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This year, more than ever before, we've seen the suffocating pressures and burdens politicians can put on individuals and small business.  I think it's time for a new way to think about government.  A way where government is accountable to you the taxpayer for the money that it spends.  Where government protects your rights, and supports and defends the constitution.  If you agree, let's stand together.

- Cut County Property Taxes

Over the last four years, the current commissioner board has increased household property taxes by nearly 20%.  It's time to instill some budget discipline and cut county property taxes.

- Make Sherburne County a 2nd Amendment Defender

We need to pass the resolution declaring Sherburne County to be a 2nd Amendment Defender.

- Protect Individual Freedoms

We have seen an unprecedented erosion of individual rights, Sherburne County needs to take a leadership role in helping to restore those rights.

- Unleash the power of Small Business

Small business has experienced devastating shutdowns, and more go out of business each day.  We need to help push to restore their ability to operate freely. 

- Protect Property Rights

We need to ensure that property owners have the ability to utilize their lands to the fullest.

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